How to Introduce New Hens to Your Flock

How to Introduce New Hens to Your Flock
Follow these steps to ensure a smooth process of adding new chickens to your existing flock.

Introducing new hens to your existing flock can be a little daunting, both for the feathery residents and chicken keepers alike. Stress levels can run high, and squabbles might break out. However, with a few strategic steps, you can make the process smoother for everyone involved.

1. Give Them a Boost:

Before or during the introduction phase, consider adding a dash of garlic or multivitamins to their water. This little boost can help ease the stress of the transition for both new and existing chickens.

2. Separate Food and Drink:

To prevent any territorial disputes over food and water, provide additional drinkers and feeders. Even a simple ramekin can serve the purpose of offering an alternative source of sustenance. This ensures that the new hens don't face restricted access or get bullied away by the established members of the flock.

Chicken drinkers

3. Provide Distractions:

Incorporate some distractions in the coop to redirect their attention. Pecking blocks or hanging up fresh lettuce and greenery can be great options for the hens to nibble on, keeping their focus away from potential conflicts. Here are some other simple ways to keep them entertained.

4. Timing is Everything:

Consider adding the new hens to the coop at dusk, once the existing hens have gone to roost. This timing provides all hens the opportunity to roost together peacefully, reducing the chances of immediate confrontations.

5. Early Morning Freedom:

The next morning, ensure that all hens are let out early. This gives them outdoor space to socialize and get to know each other. Importantly, it also allows them to have some distance if they need it.

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6. Patience is Key:

Remember that getting acquainted can take time, so be patient. It's common for hens to establish a new pecking order, which can lead to some initial disagreements.

7. Consider the Dynamics:

Take into account the breed and number of hens you're adding to the existing flock. Different breeds and sizes can influence the dynamic among your hens. It's generally advisable not to add just one hen, as she may be singled out and picked on. Instead, introduce hens in pairs or larger groups to promote a smoother transition and social integration.


In conclusion, introducing new hens to your existing flock need not be a stressful experience. By following these steps and being patient, you can ensure a harmonious blend of your feathery friends, making your coop a welcoming and thriving community. Remember, every peck and squabble is a step toward establishing a balanced hierarchy within your flock.




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